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One of my favorite hikes in Maine! 0000336845 00000 n 0000530526 00000 n 0000080369 00000 n This trail is not recommended for dogs due to the presence of a ladder and multiple sections that may require you to lift your dog. Also, I know camping was forbidden this year but I hope to camp up there next year!! The trailhead is well - marked and provides a good parking area. 0000534192 00000 n There are two parking lots next to each trailhead. 0000061757 00000 n The Brook trail is still strenuous but not as much as the Loop. in western Maine, near Weld. The Maine state bird, the black fly, is awake and blood thirsty. 0000004816 00000 n We took the Tumbledown Brook trail to the top. 0000022626 00000 n I saw only 3 people all day. Ugh. The mountain is a popular hiking spot in western Maine, with trailheads located on Byron Road in unincorporated Township 6, north of Weld. Loop Trail: The Loop Trail begins roughly 5.8 miles down the Byron Road roughly 1.5 miles beyond the Brook Trail. This route is one of the most direct paths to the summit, as it rises steeply up the mountainside, eventually intersecting with the Tumbledown Ridge Trail, which provides access the mountain's peaks. That section, approximately 1.5 to 2 miles in length and in and of itself is ironically not a loop at all. 0000131037 00000 n 3000 plus feet in the air rests a charming lake. Pretty Epic !!! 0000131877 00000 n 0000426810 00000 n Yesterday, I did a day-hike that ended up being a lot more punishing than I thought it would be, but it was one of the most rewarding I’ve been on in years. 0000021248 00000 n Loop Trail, Tumbledown Ridge Trail, Brook Trail, and Byron Road 5.5-mile loop, strenuous Tumbledown Mountain Tumbledown’s Furry Architect -70.558015, 44.731481 The Loop Trail enters the forest across Byron Road from a beaver pond. Tumbledown Mountain Trail is a 5.3 mile heavily trafficked loop trail located near Weld, Maine that features a lake and is rated as difficult. We met at work shortly before 7:00 am and took a couple of cars up to Weld, Maine. Going down on brook trail, watch for blue blazes, got off trail on a packed down path. One mountain kept coming up; Tumbledown. 0000080074 00000 n 0 0000160873 00000 n 0000009060 00000 n From there, the trail ri… 0000019112 00000 n 0000008907 00000 n 148 were here. Went yesterday. 0000145331 00000 n 0000534392 00000 n From the chimney to the summit of Tumbledown is a few hundred feet or so. parked at Brook. Dog-Related Notes: None today but these trails are fine for dogs. 0000401251 00000 n So in June I put together a hike of Tumbledown Mountain and lead the hike. Lot's of rock scrambling and a pretty steep climb! 0000134525 00000 n 0000521044 00000 n 0000004780 00000 n 0000006997 00000 n Views are spectacular. This is a completely misleading name. It's mostly level on the way in, some up and down but just a pleasant hike. 0000010995 00000 n 0000136737 00000 n 0000160607 00000 n Went up to the chimney but no further. 0000040614 00000 n 0000011935 00000 n Fat mans misery Is definitely a little dicey if you don’t have long legs lol. &����:$�D����3 0000126753 00000 n We came down the Brook trail and back to the parking area. 0000529486 00000 n There were five of us from work as well as a couple of our kids, including both of mine. 0000021143 00000 n Beautiful views in fall with the foliage, definitely will hike again. There are a couple of confusing things that I think are worth mentioning. It’s worth noting that the loop trail really isn’t suitable for small children (let’s say under 8 yo), and would be super sketchy carrying a baby frankly. 0000135561 00000 n 305 0 obj <>stream 0000114200 00000 n Standing above the Chimney Trail (to the right and pretty much straight down) on Tumbledown Mt. Looking across Tumbledown Mountain from Tumbledown Ridge. It is often associated with Little Jackson Mountain, with which it shares its trail network. Attacked with my 5 year old and my mom (63) who is not a hiker...but they did it! Mount Blue State Park; Maine Cottage Foods; Espaces verts et parcs à Weld. 0000534002 00000 n it was also wet and icy in's the end of November, so that was expected, but added to the challenge. Do people do that?? Brook Trail: The Brook trail begins approximately 4.5 miles down Byron Road. 0000335657 00000 n 0000528651 00000 n The reality is you can make a loop out of all the trails that are available. 0000183960 00000 n 0000534938 00000 n 0000525801 00000 n 0000400627 00000 n 0000136557 00000 n Bugs: Oh my. What we did was to park at the Brook Trail head, walk up the road and then ascend via the loop trail. The mountain is a popular hiking spot in western Maine, with trailheads located on Byron Road in unincorporated Township 6, north of Weld. 0000127775 00000 n Tumbledown Mountain Trail is a 8.5 kilometer heavily trafficked loop trail located near Weld, Maine that features a lake and is rated as difficult. According to a statement released by Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Communications Director Matt Latti, Amelia Hutchinson, … 0000010667 00000 n 0000061827 00000 n If you don't have an insulated camelback, invest in one because winter is here. 0000531349 00000 n Tumbledown Mountain is also located near Coos Canyon, a mountain stream. 0000141441 00000 n Well maintained. 0000009372 00000 n Park at the Brook Trail parking lot and walk up the road (about a mile) to the loop trailhead. I think the same can be said of the Brook trail but we saw a lot of dogs and (to my horror) like a 3 month old baby in a baby Bjorn! 0000130038 00000 n This trail can be used with the Loop Trail and the Brook Trail to make a nice loop hike. We took the Tumbledown Brook trail to the top. Some elevation and rock scrambling, although minor, which kept the trail interesting. Read something else. 0000128483 00000 n Fun hike challenging spots. The Tumbledown Mountain trail ascends steeply through the woods, with plenty of exposed roots and rocks on the trail. A breezy autumn day at Tumbledown Pond. And not for sissies. IWhen you get to the top of the loop trail, you can hang a right and you’ll end up at the little lake at the top. 0000534136 00000 n 0000010565 00000 n 0000035322 00000 n You are not going to want to walk a mile back to your car after coming down. 0000007967 00000 n 0000009762 00000 n Mount Washington and others are visible in the distance. 0000050769 00000 n 0000008299 00000 n Lots of ice. 0000129089 00000 n Easy first mile gives way to much steeper climb over boulder fields and numerous waterfalls. 0000080250 00000 n 0000022122 00000 n 0000136812 00000 n 0000080004 00000 n 0000196988 00000 n I hope you find this helpful. 0000010401 00000 n 127 0 obj <> endobj Tumbledown Mountain Double-Loop. 0000400252 00000 n Old Blue, Elephant, and Bemis Mountains via Appalachian Trail, Appalachian Trail: Saddleback Mountain & Poplar Ridge, Tumbledown and Little Jackson via Parker Ridge Trail, Saddleback Mountain via Bald Mountain Trail, Tumbledown Pond via Parker Ridge Trail Loop, Long Pond and Sabbath Day Pond via Appalachian Trail, Tumbledown, Little Jackson, and Jackson Mountain. I'm no where near an "experienced hiker" lol So "Fat Man's Misery" turned into "Fat Woman's Misery" ... it was unlike anything I have ever hiked. hޜS]HSa~��#�L熃M]��tN�ߜ?�:u?G�$H�\�yхAA!�'A좋%]좋]ZH�M�?թ����'������ы.z���=����~�� h}:@�#a���y�=З�A����v^��_o����ꭄ�F������g�u��m�-��]�K���FO��ʲ�FB���յ��HJL3��)��������3�j,B(0������d�Y�����|m]�K�f���O=�5����ax���L�����1pTg�dˮ0I��_LE�LR���R,�ÄQ?�c1z 6��~�V��b|���\K����c��pe�~���cA)�f�|14� 0000136708 00000 n This looks unusual to me for a Maine vista in that there's no body of water visible in the picture. Wished we had a second car to save us but oh well! 0000008958 00000 n Tumbledown offers trails of varying difficulty for different hikers. 0000010769 00000 n 0000534547 00000 n 0000145592 00000 n The least strenuous route to the summit is to hike to Tumbledown pond via either the Brookor Parker Ridge trails. À faire près de Tumbledown Mountain. 0000019139 00000 n <<5C99FC0ECA3E9348B8C831B853DC9751>]/Prev 1316506>> 0000007689 00000 n 0000534989 00000 n It's about a mile in to Tumbledown Rock where we start climbing. Convient aux couples; Convient aux enfants; Abordable; Convient aux grands groupes; Entrée gratuite; Aventure; Billets d'entrée. Great hike up the loop trail and down brook. About 1.2 miles down, you will run into the parking lot for Loop Trail. It is distinguished by an alpine pond (known locally as Crater Lake or Tumbledown Pond) just below the summit. 0000019570 00000 n 0000532552 00000 n xref 0000426333 00000 n No children or dogs are recommended for the Loop Trail. 0000334830 00000 n Will hike this trail again. It provides many different experiences, depending on your approach. After about a mile, you’ll ascend over a big hump, the trail will very briefly level out, and you’ll have a fine view of the summit appearing almost vertically in front of you. Descent on the loop trail was not as steep as the hike up Loop, but in my opinion it was a still a difficult and slippery descent. Beautiful winter day. 0000003876 00000 n 0000113159 00000 n 0000146187 00000 n Soon we come to Tumbledown Rock, a huge boulder that at some point tumbled down off the mountain. There is a serious and steep chimney that is dangerous for these two on the Loop. 0000010616 00000 n The views were outstanding and made the hike up worth it! What an overall challenge and entire body workout! A little slippery and windy today! 0000522931 00000 n 0000008106 00000 n startxref There are great views and lots of trails to customize. We then descended via the Brook trail and the cars were right there at the end of the day. 0000021392 00000 n 0000020154 00000 n LOTS of rock scrambling and climbing. Tumbledown Mountain is a mountain in Franklin County, Maine. 0000126670 00000 n 0000021553 00000 n Tumbledown Pond Pond, 1700 feet east; Little Jackson Mountain Summit, 3700 feet northeast; Jackson Pond Pond, 1¼ miles northeast; Jackson Mountain Summit, 1½ miles northeast; Other Places. 0000005888 00000 n Brook Trail Trail, 1 mile southeast; Chimney Trail Trail, 1¼ miles south; Byron Notch Gap, 1½ miles southwest; Stockbridge Branch Stream, 2 miles west 0000045609 00000 n 0000524992 00000 n 0000009009 00000 n i��+%�8uQ��Nh�ʌO�~����;����&��=�Y1H�n�(�T-sI2�4�����j�RԼ*A��6����$�܊M��Y�ivE�Ea�()�ǃ�B���,@}��i ۹5~0 5�ޚ Hiked the loop yesterday. %PDF-1.4 %���� Unbelievable epic hike! The summit is quite wide and good for lunch if you can find a spot away from the wind. 0000092818 00000 n Refresh your self with a swim before you climb up to the tippy-top! My watch recorded a total of 5.7 miles starting at the Brook trail parking area (it does have signs) to the loop Trail that is about 1.2 miles further up the road on the right. 0000141650 00000 n 0000154025 00000 n Tumbledown Mountain is also located near Coos Canyon, a mountain stream that is an excellent place for a swim during the summer months. 0000333600 00000 n 0000020802 00000 n I will for sure be doing this next year and probably every year to come until I can't anymore! Tumbledown Ridge Trail The Tumbledown Ridge Trail starts at the pond outlet and traverses East Peak, descends to a saddle where it meets the Loop Trail, and continues to the summit of West Peak. i couldn't get any water after 2 miles in (line froze). 0000403231 00000 n Fantastic! Tumbledown Mountain is located in the western region of Maine, North of Weld. 0000006858 00000 n 0000197027 00000 n 0000011676 00000 n Rick and Linda are going to take the Parker Ridge Trail and meet us at Tumbledown Pond for our picnic lunch. 0000000016 00000 n 0000534708 00000 n I highly recommend this hike but be prepared if you're doing the loop trail....its TOUGH! Coming from Weld, you will run into the Brook Trail parking lot on your left with the trail head on your right. 0000010514 00000 n I was certain I could go up; not 100% sure about safely coming down. 0000006719 00000 n 0000154297 00000 n TOWNSHIP 6 – A New Sharon woman on the loop trail on Tumbledown Mountain fell and broke her ankle Saturday, resulting in firefighters, Maine Game Wardens and members of other agencies mobilizing to transport her back down the mountain. Allow 4 hours for round trip. 0000010718 00000 n 0000534442 00000 n I began hearing about this early this spring, but (for some reason)just didn't get to this one...despite the fact that we hiked something almost every weekend. 0000141623 00000 n 0000201648 00000 n It is one of the most popular routes up Tumbledown. 0000029110 00000 n 0000012847 00000 n trailer Tumbledown Mountain is a mountain in Franklin County, Maine. This was definitely a tough trail. 0000021526 00000 n Blazing on the Tumbledown Mountain Trail is very faded but still visible. 0000028835 00000 n Johnny and Michelle were at the top of the trailhead when he took the picture of me. 0000183921 00000 n I'd heard about this mountain, with its fairly short trails, both easy, and quite difficult and it's beautiful mountain pond suitable for swimming. Montagnes à Weld; Parcs régionaux à Weld; Souvent recherché à Weld. The last 20 minutes to the top was absolutely grueling!! 0000126439 00000 n VERY uphill! 0000020887 00000 n Length 5.3 miElevation gain 1952 ftRoute type Loop Hiking Forest Lake Views Wildflowers Wildlife Muddy Rocky Scramble And it is worth pointing out that the Loop Trail has its very own parking area, and it’s about 1.5 miles up the road from the head of the Brook Trail. Gorgeous views at the top though! This route is one of the most direct paths to the summit, as it rises steeply up the mountainside, eventually intersecting with the Tumbledown Ridge Trail, which provides access to the mountain's peaks. 0000055582 00000 n 0000079430 00000 n 0000105379 00000 n OR (and I highly recommend ) when you get to the top of the loop trail you can like a little detour to the left To the top of tumbledown Mountain it’s self (I think it’s about a half mile), check out the views, have lunch, then descend back down and over to where the pond is. Johnny and Michelle were at the top of the trailhead when he took the picture of me. Watch Queue Queue. Tumbledown Mountain is a legendary mountain, for many reasons. 0000010451 00000 n It’s also not a great section for dogs. 0000526811 00000 n Much harder than I expected. 0000007550 00000 n 60 degrees and sunny. Alpine tarn at summit is highest elevation pond in Maine. Aug 10, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by The Crux Productions. 0000006580 00000 n From there you can choose other trails to take down like the Brook Trail for example. 0000141994 00000 n 0000129147 00000 n 0000523755 00000 n 0000019896 00000 n If you include walking to top of Tumbledown (you don’t have to do this, it’s a little up and back detour to the left at the top of the loop trail) the whole thing was 6.2 miles by our measurement. Blue State Park Maine 0000154680 00000 n Loop trail was challenging but views on the top of the mountain made it all worth it. As you can see, a few wet areas too. 0000007275 00000 n Highly recommend going up loop trail and down brook. This modest 3,000-foot mountain offers a big New England mountain hiking experience. Photo by Ryan Linn . This modest 3,000-foot mountain offers a big New England mountain hiking experience. Super glad I wore creepers. The placement of the rings is a little awkward to maneuver. I found the nomenclature of the trails confusing. 0000201723 00000 n 0000006163 00000 n 0000006027 00000 n Took tumble down trail up which was nuts when you get to the metal ladder through a cliff !! This time was very muddy slick, even slipped a few times but caught myself (thankfully because the fall would have been deadly!). Loop up Brook down. 0000007414 00000 n 0000010299 00000 n This trail network accesses some of the most interesting features and most spectacular views of the Western Mountains Region of Maine. Tumbledown Mountain is a mountain in Franklin County, Maine. Easy first mile gives way to much steeper climb over boulder fields and numerous waterfalls. Discover (and save!) Be prepared to work and try to take two cars and have one park at the Brook trail end and start at loop trail. �ϻ�*2$4�� 8 0000527643 00000 n Even on busy days on the mountain, I’ve never run into anyone on the ridge. 0000007828 00000 n Most notably, the most difficult trail up (also the coolest) and the one that has the ladder in it toward the top is called the loop trail. There is a large parking area located across the road from the trailhead, along with an outhouse for public use. 0000050450 00000 n Our friend Jon “Mountain Man” Moyer mentioned it would be a great one for my DD’s 35 for 35, so I immediately added it to my list. The views are 100% worth it and so so beautiful. I will say, though, that the top made every second worth it!!! 0000079163 00000 n This is really one of the greatest hikes in Maine. I’m rating the Loop Trail - can’t find that specifically. 0000132661 00000 n It's a best bang for the buck hike. 0000018759 00000 n An absolutely stunning 360 view! 0000534242 00000 n I suppose if you had a really small dog that you could just throw in your backpack from time to time it wouldn’t be too bad, but otherwise, a bigger dog, even if it’s athletic, it would have a rough time. Can’t wait to come back in the summer, and fall.